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Research sporadic Ubuntu put in personal poetry

This is a poem I wrote and made a film about for my individual research project for the ArtEZ hogeschool voor de Kunsten. This film was originated as a concept project of Sabrina A.G. Schoop for her School-project.

As a kid

I always wanted

to become something important;

something that is meaningful;

something that touches people;

to inspires people to live life differently.

To live their present

not only attached to the past

or waving and aiming to the future,

but to accept that life

is all about being present.

And as a kid I thought that fairy-tales

were something that can become reality

As a kid

I wanted to change the world,

but later on in life I realized

by changing the world

you need to change one person;

one specific person;

to do good, to be better,

to excell and to show you

that you can make something beautiful;

THAT is how I've been raised;

to believe that the past;

as my ancestors will guide me

to live the present the fullest

in order for me to show somebody else

"the future"; a better brighter way.

It is not about having a kid

and to give the kid the possibility you have,

but try to create a ripple effect of doing something good;

doing better;

doing something great with people around you,

for them to be your future.

As a kid I've been thought the ways of collectiveness;

that one person can change other;

and by changing other person

you will change the world.

It won't happen overnight,

but I assure you the UBUNTU WAY

changes; people; from inside.

I still ask myself;

what I want to become when I get older;

and I know the answer is simple;

to live the present like it is a present;

and to let the future stay a mystery.

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