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According to Guinevere Ras the term of "Multivocality" has its own spectrum with each their own proces of methods that implies that this concept has a lot layers and perspectives than people gives it credit to; and these are visible in the human conduct within the way of expression.

This, multivocality, is often misused with other terms, like 'multi-perspective', that also implies the usage of different perspectives, but carries the thread to be white-dominant-elite perspective to continue being the one in charge. And that happens a lot around my surroundings. And hereby I use my own experience as tools to indicate how frequent and how institutionalized it is within layers of how we see democracy, justice and educational system, integration and solidarity.

"Ubuntu"; the flow of existence as a philosophy is a content rich book that can wake us up from the westernsleep.

With this powerful statement made Henk Haenen that i order for multivocality to exist; first we need to understand where does the boundaries of western perspective other perspective to maintain a value of its own.

Because of bad portraying of other nurture orientation has been a key-base of white supremacy that has been established mainly because of euro-centralism, and that is being reflected in the way human uses discrimination in order to feel superior.

the classic stories within the history Europe gladly, fain and heartily keeps narrate has a lot to do whether their intention is to cultural appropriate and whitewash the stories so they can be the good guy in each and every one of them; with as an clear effect making the other parties the bad guy. And this is happening on such a indoctrinating level that, for instance, there is little to no general knowledge of the past of its colonialism; the effects this has on its current present, and why is someone from the former colony might have the right to have the same passport as the people living in the colorization's land. Vivid example is that most of my classmates, roommates, dutch acquaintances didn't even know I also have a dutch passport, or that The dutch Antillean stopped existing the 10th of October of 2010; dated almost 10 years from this article date. Nor has any knowledge a that apartheid laws was finally abolished in 1994 effective non-immediately in which process was still visible till anno 2000.

As a black man; I don't have the luxury of being naif; especially while living in Holland.

ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten Theatre department has started a project; 'the diversity week' in which gives a lot of input into the necessity of having other kind of narrative. During this week they provided seminars for guest seminars such as Anousha Nzume (writer of the book Hallo witte mensen), Sunny Bergman (writer and producer of documentary book; wit is ook een kleur), Aminata Cairo and many others, in which further explained the necessity of knowing that there is difference between perspective orientation, but also make the students and teachers aware of multivocality within their educational system. As a black students that wasn't born and raised in the Netherlands with a steady/stable euro-centralist perspective orientation, but rather born and raised in Curaçao with a strong mixture of colonized-euro-central mixed with (DIASPORA) sporadic-Ubuntu perspective orientation, it was pretty hard to start to grasp the frequency the educational system was waving. The complicity lay on the expectation that wasn't vocally expressed but expected, because it was a naturally matter of course to be present in one's conduct; and being (at that time) one of the 3 afro-Caribbean students in the whole faculty, part of the minority, in which was it hard (not to say almost impossible) to make a difference that will make it easier of our group.

But what is Ubuntu? How does this affect my study-course? How do I relate all these to who I am? those are questions I am going to digest in my blog though enterview, dialogues and conversations with experts. This is how I choose to know how to become a teacher of theater on my terms.

So hold on tight; because I'm here to change life!

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