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The Equity perspective of POM (Poem)

This world is out of balance; The ruler has white blinds spots; Black lines are being oppressed

to be happy with mediocrities;

People say the world is unfair

but sustains the system; They accept too much,

say nothing when they have the right

and possibilities to do so;

make a stand has been only a non-white thing.

Moral support is not a support if you are white,

because you live in a white society,

having white privileged measurements,

white dominant perspective supremacy;

white based good evil standards;

white everything.

It is impossible for you to know our pain,

walk in our shoes, deal with one day being us. On top of that; continuously asking for the world to be like you,

having the same visions as you;

appropriated the I have a dream Martin Luther King speech

and white-bleached it for your own sake!

Where is the color in the world? As a kid we were raised with white is good and black is evil; Looking up in the mirror I see imperfections using those glasses;

nappy hair,

broad nose;

thick lips,

black eyes,

Untrendy clothing;

we don’t have a lot of values

in history (period)

life (period)


We were raised to be white one day.

And as I grew up,

hiding my face for the police,

being polite because of fears of being another thug young negro in jail;

I was doing white stuff to feel free;

and that was my cage;

I lost myself in the process.

Dear white people;

why the fuck you don’t fix the so called problems of integration.

Why is it so hard to start humbling yourself

and be humankind for once;

not to save pets over black lives;

not to be vegan to save planet over the fact that

you could save life;

not to do good to show and tell

how well you suppress guilt of being white;

but to factual be different

and make the difference for people like me to feel equal. Because equal is a feeling that equity creates.

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