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Looking for my next
to interact, challenge, 

confront & LEARN.
The Theatrical way.

This is #PrinceOfWillemstad

Hello, My name is Pompadó Z.R. Martha and I'm a theater teacher in practice. I educate and create theatrical plays that challenges the audience to see the world in a different way. Most of my works has its activism and yet gullible form; #WOKE; #easydose.  I try to be all around and to get experience from all sources; all art discipline; all genres (& Generations). That means; give me that chance to learn and to teach. 

I'm an Artist Educator (in practice as well as a student to become theater teacher).

I also help coordinate and create art-projects with main goal to educate and teach through critical thinking & analyse method on M.O's on creative platforms.

Content analyzer  Activist   QUEER  Feminist
UBUNTU researcher  Afro-Futurism researcher

 Maker   Public Speaker  Interactive performer

Decolonizing content creator 

Content developer    Performing artist   Creative Initiatives  CURATOR 

I make conceptual art-forms and research alternative UBUNTU
ways and co-perform in initiatives
and campaigns

My line of work has a lot to do with the topics that have a reference to equity, equality, social, and racial wealth gaps, UBUNTU, interactive theatre, culture-relativism and (post) colonialism. But also the search of the differences between the western & NON-western education/nature-nurture system. It is all about getting to know other ways of thinking and having meaningful (mindful) dialogues with each other. As I said; Art needs to be interactive and confrontational; That doesn't mean it can't be fun and educational.

I am definitely looking to collaborate with as many persons/foundations/sectors/groups/bands/(!)

If you feel that these topics and references activate your creative soul.

Clients &


These are wonderful experiences I gathered while working with beautiful and talented people and organizations. Please check them out!

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