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researching Alternative forms of Education within the 
UBUNTU, non-dualistic
storytelling spectrums.

“As a queer black person, I do not have the luxury of being naive that I too can be the oppressor to those who are -within the hetero norm- in a less privileged position.”

QUEER  Activist  Feminist | Afro-Futurism researcherUBUNTU researcher | Content analyzer| Interactive performer|  Maker  Public Speaker Decolonizing content creator Content developer  Performing artist   Creative Initiatives CURATOR 

This is #PrinceOfWillemstad

Pompadó Z.R. Martha (They/Them) is an Artist Educator and Content Curator who graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts. They aim to decolonize awareness through interactive art exploring "queering" societal norms.

This “queering of the societal norm is a non-dualism approach from the Ubuntu philosophical perspective. For Pompadó Z.R. Martha, art must be confrontational but interactive, inviting their audience/partners/colleagues to participate actively in creating a cultural learning space to produce a form of dialogue.

Pompadó’s practice embodies developing an activistic “Queer” method, where its participants can cultivate a critical narrative, which deviates from a euro centralistic, non-patriarchal and hetero normative, to find equity through (a) actively investigate and be aware of their privileges, and to acknowledge the discrepancy this withholds within the society. And, (b), embody the “Not-being-there-yet” philosophy whilst actively building a more just narrative within their surrounding.


Pompadó wants to explore “queering” hetero-normative ways of living & thinking within the educational spectrums. Their research aims to investigate the power of oppressed narratives and how that influences (r)evolutions within the interactions between Western societal philosophy and Non-dual philosophy.

By creating a space for queer/defying narratives, Pompadó aims to offer a space for dialogues regarding privileges, oppression, compassion, justice, equity, and more to coexist within the same range of narrative, while un-cancelling the harsh, cruel part to be also present in the conversation. At the same time, while being aware not to offer space for blaming/shaming and showing fingers, but in the building a scope of co-sharing the responsibility to approach equity collectively.​ Both their bachelor's and master’s thesis pounds the questions; “Am I a black artist or just an artist” and “(does) Queer lies(,) matter(?).”

​Aside performing self-led research, they is currently curating content within queerness in the art for various corporations and foundation. Pompadó’s work- & process trademark is building a collective learning space for a critical & cultural learning space where queerness, equity, and non-dualism are being researched while practising an art discipline. Moreover, the research will transform into a performative or installation art, that tackle the different aspects of defying hetero-normativity, a.k.a. Queering the norms.

I make conceptual art forms, research alternative UBUNTU ways, and co-perform in initiatives collectives, collecting stories from my collaborations. I tell stories, mine and yours, to cultivate awareness of "Queerness."

I gathered These wonderful experiences while working with beautiful and talented people and organizations. Please check them out!

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