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what I have to do to maintain my MAGENTA


"What I have to do to maintain my MAGENTA"is an performance that I made as a reaction to the educational system and how 'white bubbled'. 

This performance is also the first installment of a series of plays in which each has the name of a colour and explains a spectrum of who am I, as an black student in a pretty white institute.

Reason for the reaction against the system is due of lack of understanding and also knowledge of how to guide a student that isn't raised within the western ideology.

Most of the time it came up to the conclusion that there was a miscommunication and misunderstanding whether if the assignment was a little bit out of the 'common western normative' in which creates a deprivation for those who weren't raised the same way. 

"What I have to do to maintain m MAGENTA" is a interdisciplinary performance of the dance department and theater department, and also at the same time an approach to the vertical work-proces within the theater dept. 

During this play I have put myself in a vulnerable position by exploring the 'diversity' and where the diversity doesn't include me and my ways of thinking; giving it a voice of its own; and try to explain why  it is different for me, as an artist with a different cultural background, experiences, as a student with a diagnose within the Autistic Spectrum, and someone that has (most of the time) a different approach to certain topics.

This performance was based on the two books;
"Hallo witte Mensen" by Anousha Nzume & "Wit is ook een kleur" - Sunny Bergman

Both books discusses about the struggles, misunderstanding and palings that people of colour experiences in which might scathe the white-bubble or the white fragility​.

Also making references of what I experience in my daily life, as a black/afro-Caribbean,  during my scholarship in the Netherlands.

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