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I'm an INDIGO child


"I'm am INDIGO child" is an performance that I made as a compilation of how my first year  experience at ArtEZ 

This performance is also the second installment of a series of plays in which each has the name of a colour and explains a spectrum of who am I, as an black student in a pretty white institute, but also about the elevated state of being unique in your own right.

"I'm an INDIGO child" is a sequence of "What I have to do to maintain my MAGENTA" in which has its own goal  educate and explain the complexity of being different in a way that is rather confusing and not empiric, and yet UBUNTU enough for people to feel the 'hype' energy that it implies. 

This play has a lot to do with the awareness chain of me being black and proud within the study-course and how to explain why it is like that. Together with some classmates, we made some research over t he circumstances black community are being represented, and on what verse this is happening; how does racism lingers within these variables and how to spot them. All this by doing some

Reason for the reaction against the system is due of lack of understanding and also knowledge of how to guide a student that isn't raised within the western ideology.

Most of the time it came up to the conclusion that there was a miscommunication and misunderstanding whether if the assignment was a little bit out of the 'common western normative' in which creates a deprivation for those who weren't raised the same way. 

"What I have to do to maintain m MAGENTA" is a interdisciplinary performance of the dance department and theater department, and also at the same time an approach to the vertical work-proces within the theater dept. 

During this play I have put myself in a vulnerable position by exploring the 'diversity' and where the diversity doesn't include me and my ways of thinking; giving it a voice of its own;

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