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As a starting business, I am looking for ways to connect with (creative) people, institutions and foundations in order to put my knowledge into practice. 

This implies that I, as an Artist Educator, am looking forward to co-create something that is sustainable, educational and aligns with the philosophy I started with; That Art must be interactive & confrontational. 

I am currently working on performing plays and conceptually speaking, that scratches the following topics; Ubuntu Philosophy, Cultural relativism, (Post) Colonialism, Racial & Social Wealth Gab, Afro-futurism, Equality vs. Equity and Pedagogy within the oppressed community sector.

All these plays are named after a colour that represents a spectrum of diversity and inclusiveness; and I would like you to be part of it. You are here, on this hidden page because you are key.

YOU and me

Why you, you might ask?

You are here, on this hidden page because you are a key part, as an artist/institution/foundation, to help make these plays a reality by working together and mold this project into success. I know I cannot do this alone; the one hand needs to wash the other; so here is my proposal;

There are 4 conceptual plays that I already have in the making;

"Amber; the UBUNTU form", "If only we were Grey", "Truthful Turquoise" & "We all want to be BLACK". These options are elaborately described in the Plays section; (CLICK ON THE PLAYS)

Each play has its own topic that sometimes intertwines the spectrums around and about diversity; putting things into perspective of a NON-western; enlighten in a simplistic way what are the differences and put it on the floor.

Plays proposals

Making plays is my strength; but can I make a difference without you? NO!! Nor being able to have the chance to educate and be inclusive.

That is where YOU come in. You have the means to give your community/network/cycle a more informative and educational turn.

And I need you to need me to do so; being able to do so. So this is my call for our future collaboration. What I need and what you might have in your possibility!

YOU as Partner(s)

Professional goals

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