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Professional Summary

Trying to be an all-around artist has its challenges in which also serves as a broadening of my own expertise as a maker, performing artist and pedagogic. I'm glad to inform you I CAN'T SING; one of my many flaws to be honest, but other than that; If I haven't done it before; I'm definitely going to give it a try.

I am now working on a series of plays that defines my interpretation of the following topics; (1)cultural relativism, (2) Decolonialism, (3) Post-Colonialism, (4) Eurocentralism from my NON-western perspective .

Each performance; each play; will explore a different spectrum/area of these topics and convert these researches into a contemporary aspect of a theatrical play with a inter-disciplinary framework.

As theater teaching and practices student I try to use my talents, its possibilities and resources, but also healthy rivalry competition in a structural way in which will serve as a way to learn new narratives and experience; but also give back to the, due circumstances, team-players; BECAUSE WE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER .


Content analyzer  Activist     UBUNTU researcher    Maker    Actor 
Public Speaker 
  Content developer    Performing artist    Creative Initiatives

Work Experience


2017- modernity

ArtEZ University of Applied Science & Art Academy

FACULTY: Bachelor in Theater teaching & practices


2016 -2017

HAN University of Applied Science

FACULTY: Care & Welfare

DEPARTMENT: Social work

2013 -2015

University of Saskatchewan


DEPARTMENT: Philosophy


Frater Aurelio SBO

FACULTY: LAW & Administration

DEPARTMENT: Advisory Attorney & Consultancy 


Instituto Buena Bista

FACULTY: Contemporary Fine Art



Theatrical plays based on  
research about UBUNTU, racial & social wealth gab, 

equality & EQUITY.

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